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盆栽カレンダーは、1 つの彼/彼女の盆栽の世話を支援するソフトウェアの一部です。カレンダー水植物やそれをトリムするのには良い時間だとすると 1 つに思い出させます。カレンダーは、最適な温度、光、土、bonsai の木の様々 な種に適したその他の条件で有用な情報を提供します。

Bonsai Calendar is a piece of software that helps one take good care of his/her bonsai tree. The calendar reminds one when to water the plant or when it is a good time to trim it. The calendar provides useful information on optimal temperatures, light, soil and other conditions suitable for various species of bonsai trees.


created for A Game By It's Cover 2016

audio by Kakurenbo


Bonsai Calendar.zip 15 MB


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Is the opening cutscene supposed to last about 5 minutes? I'm also on Windows 10 and the opening was unskippable and very slow. After the opening was over, I got a white screen and couldn't progress.


Same, on Windows 7 for me. As an atmospheric ~experience~ it's nice, but the description implies that I should be able to do more. I'm confused!

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I have the same issue. Images from the dev's twitter imply that is this actually supposed to be a working tool.

Had the same problem. I tried pressing every key just in case but nothing happened anyway...


I tried running it, but the game didn't seem to open. I could hear the audio, but nothing showed on my screen. Is there a way to fix this? I'm using Windows 10.